Techrod Platform is an easy to use interface. If a user creates An electoral System on the Platform With Five Contested Positions and set parameters on eligibilty of voters. The Techrod network simply creates five different Tokens for each different Positions, and the numbers of token created for each positions would be determined by the number of voters registered according to the parameters set by the User. After Closure of voters registration, this tokens would be distributed to the Registered voters (one token each from the five different token). All this would be done on the techrod Platform by means of Smart Contracts.we can make sure that those who are voting are who they say they are and are legally allowed to vote. Plus, by using blockchain technology, anyone who knows how to use a cell phone can understand the technology required for voting on the app created using the Techrod Platform. Visit our whitepaper today for more details.


Security Paradigm


How It Works

Distributed Consensus

Distributed Consensus can bring new forms of collective and conscious human interaction. In any group,Members of such groups can remain anonymous with respect to each other if they wish, but their identities will be confirmed, and the authenticity of their will is established through the same processes that guarantee the safety of the cryptocurrency network. This means that each Uniform Unique Feature will be recorded and, if necessary, always available for subsequent re-examination. The substitution of such unique feature by any Fraudulent means is impossible without changing the entire chain of preceding blocks, which contain encrypted data on votes

Visit our whitepaper today for more details


The way Voting/Consensus Decision making works on the Techrod Platform would be that each voter would be assigned a vote as a Smart contract which would be valid only on the election period. Since each of the votes will go as a transaction on the publicly available ledger, the chances of any discrepancy will be zero. The voter can act on his Right to Vote using the private key he/she uses for their cryptocurrency wallet.

Once the elections are done, No changes will be permissible on the public ledger due to blockchain technology making the election records more secure than ever. In case, if any Hacker tries to add any illegal transaction to the blockchain, the remaining group will dismiss it in the transaction validation process making these records more secure than ever.Techrod Blockchain Platform can make the election process more secure than it currently is while allowing greater participation for all legally-registered voters.

Visit our whitepaper today for more details